About the Ellensburg Food Critic

Hi there! I suppose you want to know just who the heck I think I am?

I’m a Washington native who moved to Ellensburg in the summer of 2015 with my husband, our wee baby, and our cat and dog. We were thrilled to get out of the traffic and inflation sh*tstorm that Seattle had become to us, but adjusting to life in Ellensburg has been, well, an adjustment. Our life is indisputably more pleasant here and the community has welcomed us quickly and warmly, without a hint of that Seattle Freeze we have come to loath over the years. My husband’s career will almost certainly keep us in Ellensburg forever, so we’ve wasted no time getting to know and love this place.

I guess this shouldn’t have been a surprise for a town this size, but I immediately noticed the lack of information and reviews for restaurants around here. Yelp!, Google Reviews, etc., while unreliable and deceptive in many ways, can be useful when there’s a critical mass of reviewers, which is really not the case for most Ellensburg eateries. So, we tried a lot of restaurants, mostly blindly or as recommended by the few people we had met in town. A few were really good; some were, um… completely disappointing; and many fell somewhere in the “fine” to “totally decent” range.

It became clear to my husband and friends that I have a lot to say about restaurants in Ellensburg, so at their insistence, I’m starting this blog. I have worked in professional kitchens and front of house, but have done neither for many years, and I in no way consider myself a food service professional. Since graduating from college, people have paid me to write for them at times, but this is my first attempt at food writing and blogging. So, what qualifies me to write this blog and hand down verdicts on the restaurants, food trucks, and other eateries of Ellensburg? Well, nothing other than my love of food and cooking, but I hope you’ll read anyways.


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