Dakota Cafe is a Downtown Classic

This one is overdue and won’t be the most detailed review I’ve ever written, but I still want to talk about Dakota Cafe.

Dakota Cafe is low-key, local, and a solid choice for lunch in downtown Ellensburg. I know that they offer breakfast and dinner as well, but this place just screams “lunch.”

I have tried a handful of sandwiches, quiches, soups, and pastries from Dakota Cafe and they have all met my expectations. Their food is always fresh and well-crafted and I have never been displeased. However, almost everything seems just slightly underseasoned or lacking a bit of flare that would take the dish from good to craveable.

For example, my brie, ham, and apple chutney panini would have been amazing with a more flavorful chutney. Better yet, replace the chutney with pickled or marinated thinly-sliced apples and add a sweet spicy pepper jelly. There’s nothing wrong with how it is, but it’s just not as good as it could be.

Perhaps it’s a choice and my tastes are not what they are playing to. I still love Dakota Cafe, and the people and environment are truly lovely. When I want a casual but classy sit-down meal in Ellensburg that’s fresh and healthy-ish, then Dakota Cafe is very near the top of my list.

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