Hey, look. Something new and exciting is happening in Ellensburg!

Pop Up Dinner Ellensburg Final.jpg

Local french fry hero Mario Alfaro Lopez, owner and operator of The Red Pickle, is teaming up with Chef Dan Roe (Canyon River Grill, Seattle Stoneburner, Percy & Co.) to bring Pop-Up Dinners to Ellensburg this Spring!

If you’re not familiar, a pop-up is like a shooting star of a restaurant. It blazes through the night, burning brightly and bringing joy to those who are lucky enough to witness it, but then it’s gone from our lives just as quickly as it appeared. I just rolled my eyes at my own terrible metaphor but it works. It’s basically a temporary restaurant that allows a very limited number of pre-ticketed patrons to experience a chef and restaurateur’s most creative and sometimes experimental efforts in very cool speakeasy-type setting.

I’m told that Mario and Chef Dan are planning a multi-course, fine-dining, prix-fixe menu at a very reasonable price. Plus, I’ll be there. Keep an eye on The Red Pickle’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more information on tickets and dates. Like and follow The Ellensburg Food Critic for the latest information on this and other restaurant and food news.

It’s nothing wild but The Wild Huckleberry nails breakfast.

I think I just fit my entire review into the title so I guess we’re done here.

Ok, I’ll expand a bit since I like to hear myself talk. I’ve been bemoaning the lack of actually good breakfast restaurants since moving to Ellensburg (with the exception of Yellow Church, which is always too crowded on weekend mornings due to it being the only decent place in town) and here comes The Wild Huckleberry, riding into town from Wenatchee, bringing us delicious breakfast. My dedicated readers shouldn’t be surprised that I ordered the Traditional Eggs Benedict, which comes with strips of bacon instead of Canadian bacon making it not strictly traditional, but I’m not one to care about things like that. Plus, actual bacon > Canadian bacon so I think they’re onto something. The Hollandaise was quite good and presented in a reasonable quantity, and despite being not quite as tangy as I like it I will order it again. The eggs were poached perfectly and everything about the meal was solidly good.

Untitled image.jpg
Photo shamelessly stolen from The Wild Huckleberry’s Facebook page because I hate taking pictures at restaurants.

My dining companions’ orders were equally satisfying as I imagine is everything else on the menu. I’m unlikely to ever order a chicken fried steak for myself but I’m always glad when someone I’m with does so I can try it. The Wild Huckleberry’s hit all the marks and made me want to keep stealing bites. Sadly, I didn’t try the enormous pancakes that I spotted leaving the kitchen but both the waffles and biscuits were fluffy and amazing, so I’m comfortable assuming that the pancakes are exactly as tasty as they look.

Experience is hard to fake in the restaurant business and The Wild Huckleberry’s years of running a successful breakfast/lunch place has transferred seamlessly to their new Ellensburg location and I couldn’t be more pleased (although being in that building made me long for The Valley Cafe and their Cubano. I appreciate that the old sign still hangs in the back of the restaurant).

Now all we need in town is an innovative and exciting breakfast/brunch restaurant. Anyone up to the challenge?