Oh, hi there!

Hello, Ellensburg! How have you been? I’m good, thanks. Oh, where have I been? Here in Ellensburg mostly but feeling a bit uninspired and inexcusably distracted from bringing you the Kittitas County and Ellensburg restaurant reviews you deserve. That reminds me, how many years do I have to live here before I can reliably spell K-i-t-t-i-t-a-s correctly? Those five lowercase t’s and i’s in a row make my eyes cross.

Anyway. I’ve been meaning to get back to eating out more and writing reviews but what finally made me sit down this afternoon and open my computer is that I can’t live another day without correcting something I wrote a long time ago. Despite what I may have written in the past, Pizza Colin is without a doubt the best delivery pizza in town. I never reviewed them before because the handful of times I had had their pizza either involved too much alcohol to trust my recollection or the one time I ordered thin crust and received pan crust and assumed they just had no concept of thin crust. I’m here to eat my words and also pizza.

This is the pizza box sitting on my kitchen counter right now. 

I don’t need to describe the pizza, do I? It’s pizza and it’s delicious. You can order either thin or pan crust and both are excellent for whatever your preference may be. I like thin crust with light sauce (also a standard option) because I like my pizza lean and mean with a high ratio of cheese to sauce and crust and just a few select toppings. Pizza Colin hits the mark and is the only pizza I order these days. I do wish they had salads but they seem contrary to their business model and I respect that. Pizza Colin isn’t gourmet pizza but I think it’s executed well and doesn’t try to be more than it is. Those fried hot wings are pretty tasty though.

Now that I’ve set the record straight on pizza delivery in Ellensburg I hope to get back to writing more and also bringing you food news from around town. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Upper County lately so I think you are owed some reviews of the excellent offerings up there. And I hear that I have some new breakfast places Ellensburg to try! So much to do!

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