The Boss is boss.

Pardon the outdated slang, but Ellensburg’s newest restaurant, The Boss Brazilian Barbecue is a very welcomed addition to our little town. Like most people, I imagine, I did not know much about Brazilian BBQ prior to eating at The Boss last night, but now I’m hooked.

The Boss very recently opened up in the odd little structure across from the Verizon Store and Fred Meyer. I’ve lived here about a year and a half and I’ve never had any idea what that building I pass daily was until I went in for dinner last night. The interior is a cozy space with a handful of tables and benches, and a small galley kitchen. At first I wondered how they made any kind of real food there since the kitchen is more befitting a hotdog stand than a proper restaurant. The answer should have been obvious: all of the cooking takes place outside (even last night when the temperature was in the single digits) because, well…it’s BBQ.

There is a limited beer and wine menu that, while nothing to blog about, is entirely appropriate for the food and place. So, yeah, let’s talk about the food. I ordered the lamb meal and my husband ordered the sirloin. Both meals came with rice, beans, a hunk of bread, an herbaceous tomato salad that even this tomato-hater took a few bites of, and a large skewer of meat. In addition, each plate has small cups of both a cassava flour, which adds some nice flavor and texture to whatever it touches, and an unexpectedly delicious tomato-onion vinaigrette, both of which I dumped on everything once I tasted them.

Photo via The Boss’s Facebook page because my pictures were terrible. Mmmm, delicious meat. 

If this doesn’t sound good to you, you are completely insane and owe it to yourself to try it. The meat was so, so good. Like, even though they’re completely different cuisines, I will never eat at that other place in town that serves kebabs again after eating at The Boss. Each of the meats is marinated overnight and then legitimately barbecued to pinkish perfection. The exterior is rich with whatever magical stuff is in the marinade and then seared to a nice crust, all while not overcooking the interior.

Ok, now I’m just torturing myself. I suppose you can tell that I really enjoyed The Boss Brazilian Barbecue and will be returning. I think it will be a wonderful place to go when we finally defrost and can enjoy what looks to be a lovely patio area. While it’s not unusual around here, I must mention that everyone working there were incredibly gracious hosts. I really hope that you try The Boss Brazilian Barbecue as well because it’s the kind of place we need more of around here.


2 thoughts on “The Boss is boss.

  1. I love bbq but haven’t tried this place yet. I went to the restaurant that was in that space before them and worried about that building being insufficient for a good restaurant, but it sounds like they fixed it up a bit and have managed their kitchen problem effectively. The location has always been doomed, so I suggest sharing your review everywhere!
    My question is, which rad BBQ place (we do have three in Ellensburg now) is going to give me the best vegetarian meal?? Not Smoke and Fire for sure (only a couple side dishes for me). Anything besides meat at Brazilian BBQ?


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