Day 15- Nice

Curbside on 5th should be a less than shocking addition to my Nice list but they get bonus points for (maybe) heeding some advice I offered in my first review by uncomplicating their menu. Let me believe that, ok? Since I first wrote about Curbside on 5th (per a reader’s suggestion) it has become my go-to for take-out in Ellensburg. Need I say more? I especially appreciate their eagerness to accommodate all diets and tastes so there’s never any excuse to not just pick up some Curbside on 5th. Keep up the nice work, Curbside!

Photo via Facebook

One thought on “Day 15- Nice

  1. Curbside is great. I left a lengthy comment on the main review, it all still stands. Do you have a place to submit suggestions? I’ll put one here:

    Speaking of the virtues of a compact menu, have you tried the new Brazilian BBQ place, The Boss? On Water, across from Fred Meyer. I’ve really enjoyed it the two times I’ve been there so far. The menu is simple and really good, and the owners and staff are eager to find out what’s working and what isn’t. They’d added sandwiches between my first and second visits.

    The space is interesting, but not very warm in winter. It’ll be amazing in warmer months when the patio is open.


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