Day 14- Naughty


I’m trying to write this before my DayQuil kicks in and I get weird. Today’s entry to the Naughty list is a rerun, but since writing my first review they’ve slipped from an “eh?” to a “nah.” To be honest, I don’t know if this is fair. When I really think about it Sugar Thai is fine if you want Thai food but my recommendation ends there. I know my vegetarian and vegan friends are big fans.

What do you think of Sugar Thai? Should I give it another shot?

One thought on “Day 14- Naughty

  1. I dunno — we only ate there once, which might have just had more to do with fitting any eating-out splurges into a hectic college schedule, but the food was just blah for me, and I have no issue never returning. Life is too short to eat food you just don’t like! 🙂
    *I add a caveat to my last sentence, since I have a toddler — if you are under 18 and your mom says eat it, you eat it…or starve. :P*


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