Day 13-Nice!


I’m back from a loooong weekend in the mountains and ready to hit the ground running! Let’s start this week off Nice with a review I’ve been meaning to write for a very long time. I teased this awhile ago, but Cornerstone Pie is easily my favorite pizza in town and, if my lists were in any particular order, would rank very high on my Nice list.

Photo via Facebook

Picking my favorite pizza from Cornerstone is not easy but the four that I always go back to are the Potato and Arugula, Tre Fungi, Pepperoni with Caramelized Onions, and the Sausage and Fennel. I’ve tried others and enjoyed them all. I could pick apart what makes each of these pizzas special and why you should try them if you haven’t but let’s keep it simple. Cornerstone crusts are crispy, never doughy, and function perfectly as topping delivery system rather than a spongy, greasy, carbohydrate bomb. The toppings are of great quality and perfect quantity and the combinations are smart and creative.  

I believe I have had all of the salads besides the Caprese. I need to come clean about something: I hate fresh tomatoes. I know, I know, it’s my tragic flaw as human, a cook, and a restaurant critic, but I’ve tried my whole life and just can’t eat raw tomatoes. Anyways, that’s just to explain why I will never order the Caprese salad despite it probably being as delicious as the others. Most notable of the salads is the Caesar. I am a Caesar snob of the highest order and Cornerstone makes the best I’ve had in town besides my own. No goopy, creamy dressing in sight. Caesar salad should be light, lemony, anchovy-y (yeah, I made up a word), and dressed sparingly. Cornerstone nails it.

I can’t really complain about the appetizer menu because it’s all good, it just doesn’t excite me for some reason. While the adobo wings and Spanish camarones are really quite delicious I’ll always just be looking forward to the pizza. The Fries with Benefits (think nachos on fat french fries) are tasty but unwieldy and I’m never quite sure how to eat them. I would much rather start my meal at Cornerstone with one of their cocktails.

Oh, the cocktails! The Grey House is definitely my go-to. It’s vodka, grapefruit juice, and muddled mint. It’s spectacularly refreshing and now I want one. Actually, this whole review is making me hungry so let’s wrap it up.

Cornerstone Pie makes amazing pizza, serves excellent drinks (I forgot to mention the wine list and the beers on tap, including growler fills, but they don’t disappoint), and is just fantastic place to eat. Very nice, Cornerstone.

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