Day 6



Ok, I’m going to get this out of the way. Vinman’s Bakery makes extraordinary pastry. That’s pretty much all there is to say, but since I’ve been criticized for not talking about the food in great enough detail and perhaps giving mediocre restaurants better reviews than they might deserve based on other factors than the quality of thevinmanir food, here goes.

The Kouign-Amann (pronounced “queen ah-mahn) is one of the best pastries that I’ve ever had. The slight sweetness and spectacular depth of flavor and crunch of that the caramelized sugar adds to the tender pastry is truly special. I have had several varieties and all are wonderful.

As much as I love the Kouign-Amann, I tend to prefer savory foods to sweet and my favorite savory pastry in town is the prosciutto and cheese croissant at Vinmans. It’s a really great croissant with just the right amount of salty prosciutto and a nutty aged cheese. I’ve been known to stop in for one three days in a row. They tend to run out on Saturday mornings so I guess I’m not the only one who craves one after a maybe-too-long Friday night.

Everything else I’ve tried, including danishes, sticky buns, breads, rolls, and muffins have ranged from really good to fantastic so you can’t really go wrong at Vinman’s. Since I always have criticisms I’ll say that the drip coffee isn’t always fresh in the afternoon (though they would probably make a fresh batch if asked) and my dog really hates their dog biscuits.


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