Day 3

It’s a pizza party! Weee!


Westside Pizza taught me a very important lesson; pizza can be bland! I’ll admit that I’ve only ordered from Westside once but it was enough to make a less-than-good impression. Like so many places in town it’s not terrible, and it might even hit the spot if you are seeking out a certain kind of food, but you can do better. Ellensburg, I urge you to do better. Westside Pizza has no place on my Nice list and is therefore solidly Naughty.


Since I’m bashing one pizza delivery place, I might as well praise another. Brooklyn’s Pizza is my current favorite pizza delivery in town. It’s important that you note that it’s not my favorite pizza in town, because someone else holds that very special place in my heart (I’ll tell you who it is later this month).  I wrote a full review of Brooklyn’s earlier this year so head over and read that, if you wish.


One thought on “Day 3

  1. Oh man…I completely agree with you about Westside. We went there once for their $1 slice lunch, and it was almost like eating cardboard it was so bland. I’m glad we didn’t spend more than the $6 or whatever we did, or I would have been much more upset by it. And while I’ve never eaten at Brooklyn’s, my husband used to go there between classes pretty regularly and he said it was great pizza. Good review!

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