You asked for it: Curbside on 5th.

I have always heard great things about the food at Curbside on 5th, but had never managed to try it. It’s a tiny take-out shack with some outdoor seating in an odd location and I didn’t have much sense of what it really was. I almost always check out menus online before trying a place and something about this one turned me off, though I can’t really articulate why. So, when one of you dear readers requested that I review it, I took the opportunity to oblige. I guess I’ll do anything for my readers’ approval, but this was no chore.

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To be completely honest, we were going to go to Daily Bread to get sandwiches for lunch but I failed to realize that they aren’t open at all on weekends, so Curbside on 5th was our fallback. Curbside’s menu is a little confusing and gimmicky. The “Wrap It, Stack It, or Mac It” portion of the menu made me want to see the face of whoever wrote it and Smack It. I may have been pretty hangry at the time. I realize the wording on a menu is an odd hang-up but if stuff like that didn’t bother me I wouldn’t be the Ellensburg Food Critic

On this day, I needed a sandwich. I ordered the 1890 Grilled Turkey and my husband ordered the Stack It (::twitch twitch::) with chicken. Both were excellent. Mine was a bit sloppy but that’s because it was loaded with roasted poblanos and slaw. I could only eat half, which is not something that normally happens to me. My husband’s sandwich-that-won’t-be-named was cheesy and flavorful with a crispy exterior–exactly what a souped-up grilled cheese should be. Both sandwiches were grilled with a layer of parmesan on the outside of the bread. While I do enjoy this technique (more cheese, please!) it was a bit heavy-handed. I can’t really be mad a cheese though.

My side caesar salad was really, really good. I’m not sure what else there is to say about that other than I’ll probably try an entree salad next time I eat from Curbside of 5th. I will be back because I would like to try more items from the annoying menu. Having only tried two sandwiches and a salad might mean this review is incomplete. I prefer to try a place a few times before rendering an opinion, but Curbside on 5th is making good food and doing things a little differently than anyone else in town and deserves credit for that. The Ellensburg Food Critic says that Curbside on 5th is a:


Curbside on 5th. 109 W 5th Avenue, Ellensburg. (509) 859-2004

Have you tried Curbside on 5th? What did you think? Do you have a favorite spot in town that you would like the Ellensburg Food Critic to review? Reply in comments or on Facebook!


3 thoughts on “You asked for it: Curbside on 5th.

  1. One of the greatest things about Curbside on 5th and Chef Devin, is that they are totally happy to make adjustments to any order. You can substitute one thing for another and mix-n-match ’til your heart’s content. It’s true, some of the sandwiches and wraps can get a bit messy, so if I have to be somewhere, I usually order something with a fork.

    I recently tried the rice with veggies and chicken … yum!

    And the veggie pasta with salmon added … double yum!

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  2. The first time I went to Curbside on 5th, I was over-hungry and grumpy (but not outwardly mean or anything). A minute after I ordered and sat down to wait, the woman who took my order came out to apologize that it was going to take longer than normal and gave me a free cup of clam chowder. EXACTLY what I needed, and a great way to make a loyal customer. Longer than normal for Curbside is 10 minutes instead of less than 5.

    The sandwiches are really good, but too messy for my taste. The rice with veggies and chicken is my favorite. The mac and cheese is fantastic and a great after-bar snack for the walk home. My wife is vegetarian and I’m not; Curbside has delicious options for both of us, which is always appreciated in Ellensburg.

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