Red Horse Diner is passable diner food.

The title says it all, doesn’t it?

The first time I ate at Red Horse Diner I thought it was pretty decent diner fare. My husband and I both had sandwiches that were satisfying but nothing to blog about. The next time the sandwiches seemed a little bit less than good. The fries must be fried in the seventh circle of Hell because they’re served ungodly hot. However, once they’ve cooled enough as to not melt one’s fingernails (ew, I just grossed myself out), they taste good. I’m pretty sure they’re frozen but they’re fat and crispy and doused in seasoning so I can’t stay mad at them. I’m a sucker for fry sauce, too.

Breakfast. Why can no one in this town get breakfast right? I’m asking that question sincerely and without judgement. If you know, please tell me. I don’t get it and it makes me sad. Of the five of us who thought breakfast at Red Horse was a good idea, only the baby enjoyed his meal, which was just hash browns. Not a single egg was cooked properly and I can’t even talk about the eggs benedict. It wasn’t good, guys. Also, I couldn’t help notice that the floors seemed to have been mopped with the contents of the previous day’s grease trap.

I will gladly admit that Red Horse is bursting with the Americana charm that one expects from a restaurant that was once an old-timey gas station. Service is fast and the waitstaff is competent and likable. It’s not a bad place to go, really, but don’t expect to be amazed, and probably stick to lunch (or maybe just potatoes). A pit stop at the weed store next door might make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable though.

I just don’t have it in me tell anyone not to go to Red Horse Diner because it’s a fun place and the food isn’t terrible. So, with that I’ll say Red Horse Diner is a:

Go if...


Red Horse Diner,  1518 W University Way, (509) 925-1956.

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