Brooklyn’s Pizzeria


…  especially if you need fast, friendly pizza delivery (and online ordering for those of us who hate picking up the phone) not from a chain restaurant. Like many other places in town, I have never physically been to Brooklyn’s Pizzeria, but I hear the arcade and air hockey are good for some wholesome fun, if you’re into that kind of thing. Plus, there’s an all you can eat buffet. Personally, this is the kind of food that I prefer to enjoy in front of my own tv, wearing yoga pants, and drinking my own wine. I imagine that we’ll take advantage of the family friendly atmosphere when the baby becomes a crazy child, but that’s a really long time from now, right? Right?

The boneless “wings” are terrible (but maybe they all are? I don’t really get boneless wings), but the pizzas are tasty enough, though most of their specialty combinations are a little bizarre and just not what I’m looking for in a pizza (sorry, The Joey and the Chicken Alfredo). I’m actually much more on board with the pizza from Brooklyn’s now that I stopped ordering the combos and just add a few toppings of my choosing. Truthfully, I originally gave Brooklyn’s a “Go if” but this review wrote itself into a “Go.” The main reason for the upgrade is that this place is really consistent and that’s something that’s hard to find anywhere. The customer service is so consistent that I started to notice the delivery guy saying the exact same thing each time he delivered to us. I mean, my dog IS beautiful but saying so five times in a row (I’m not exaggerating) is impressive.

The salads are very basic but dang if I don’t want an iceberg salad with ranch before I eat a bunch of pizza sometimes. The buffalo chicken salad was actually really satisfying and the next time we order from Brooklyn’s Pizzeria is will probably be because I want that salad.  The garlic knots are as delicious as warm, soft bread covered in garlic, butter, and cheese should be and you’ll likely hate yourself a little for how many of them you eat.

Based on my somewhat embarrassingly extensive experience with their delivery, Brooklyn’s Pizzeria earns a “Go.” Better yet, let them come to you. It’s not the best pizza you’ll ever have. It might not even be the best pizza of it’s kind in town (you can’t compare it to the woodfire delicacies at Cornerstone Pie), but it’s consistently what I’m looking for on those nights when I’m not up for cooking or leaving the house. They’ll even write dorky things on the inside of your pizza box. I confess that an inscription of “TGI Pizza!” made my husband and I chuckle.


Brooklyn’s Pizzeria- 716 E University Way, Ellensburg, WA 98926. (509) 925-9855

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