Sugar Thai

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you need Thai food in Ellensburg. It’s not great, but not a lot of Thai restaurants are, so you’re probably going to get the experience and food you expect here. I always order pad Thai when I’m trying a new Thai restaurant (it’s my canary in a coalmine-see my Yellow Church Cafe review) and theirs was totally decent despite the unexpected but not unwelcome additions of mushrooms and baby corn. The fresh rolls would have been good if they had Thai basil, but without it they fell flat. Also, put your dang takeout menu on the internet!

The bottom line is that I’ll keep eating Sugar Thai but I won’t be thrilled about it.

Sugar Thai, 306 N Pine St, Ellensburg. 509-933-4224.


4 thoughts on “Sugar Thai

  1. Yup…I can totally agree with this review. We recently ate here because my husband was really craving Thai, and it was…okay. I’m not a huge Oriental-cusine fan anyway, but I usually feel that a garlic beef or chicken dish can’t be too complicated. Mine was just blah, though, and the food my husband ordered wasn’t too great either. Although, I did have a bubble tea for the first time, and it was amazing! 🙂


  2. Thai basil is depressingly hard to find on this side of the mountains, even at farmer’s markets. It wouldn’t surprise me if they run out or have to skimp on it more than they should. Other ingredients are hard to come by, too. But all in all, a pretty solid Thai restaurant, given their limitations. I don’t go there often (I have some Thai dishes I cook for myself well enough to satisfy that urge), but most I’ve had there is generally good. I’ve never had anything outright bad; it’s underwhelming at worst.

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