How this works.

In the spirit of simplicity and fairness, I’ve decided to use just three options to rate the restaurants I review in Ellensburg:

The highest rating is GO! This means that I think this restaurant is definitely worth a visit. Period. Look for this expertly designed symbol:


The next option indicates that I believe you should go if… you’re looking for a particular cuisine or experience, or are willing to overlook something that I see as a downfall (such as a long wait or bad house wines). Again, behold my graphic design skills!

Go if...

Ok, this one’s for the places that I just don’t recommend at all–the No Go’s. There’s no nice way to put it but I’m also not looking to be mean, just honest. I know people in the restaurant business work very hard and I’m not a total jerk so my criticisms will be as constructive as possible. These poor places will get the designation of…



I plan to do a big, full restaurant review that details my experience and that of my fellow diners about once a week, but hopefully more as time and budget allow. However, I have eaten at quite a few places already, and I don’t want to put that knowledge to waste, but it’s not really fair to judge too harshly in hindsight. So, I’m going to post shorter and less specific “first impression reviews” of the restaurants I have already been to, but not necessarily with reviewing them in mind. First Impression Reviews will be less conclusive and (with a few exceptions for places I just can’t conceive of spending money at again) I plan to return to these restaurants at some point to give them a full review. I’ll always be happy to update my ratings when my opinion changes.

That’s about it. I look forward to your feedback and please give me recommendations of where to eat in Ellensburg! Let’s do this!


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